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White Rabbit Trail


White Rabbit Trail

The White Rabbit Trail is a wonderful and popular Ashland hike due to its gorgeous vistas of the valley and close proximity to town. This trail is part of the Ashland Watershed Trails system.

Another great aspect of the White Rabbit is it is easily combined with other trails (Alice in Wonderland, Oredson-Todd, Caterpillar, and/or Toothpick) to add to one’s hike. The trail itself consists of a steady climb to the top of the trail if you are starting by Park St., or a downhill descent if you start from the Alice in Wonderland trail or the parking lot off of Ashland Loop Rd.

The trail is roughly 2 miles one way, with an elevation gain of about 675 feet.

Difficulty: Moderate

Directions:  Like many of the trails in the Ashland trail system, there are a number of ways to get to the White Rabbit trail.  The first option is to head straight out of town on foot and heading up the Alice in Wonderland trail, which ends at the top of the White Rabbit trail.

A second option is to drive or walk up Ashland Loop Rd. to a parking lot that is located at the top of trail.

A third option, which is particularly great for those staying on the South end of town, is to go to the Siskiyou Blvd. and Park St. intersection and head uphill on Park St.  Park at the top of the hill on one of the side streets.  Walk up to the end of Park St and follow the path along the base of the mountain which will lead you a map of the area and the White Rabbit trailhead.

Outdoor Recreation Safety Note: Please be sure to read our safety note on our Outdoor Recreation home page.

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