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White Rabbit Trail Mountain Biking

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White Rabbit Trail Mountain Biking

A little ways above Lithia Park sits an area known as the White Rabbit trailhead, where a number of great trails either start or end.

The location’s namesake, White Rabbit, is a fun ride that is chock-full of switchbacks and beautiful vistas of Grizzly Peak, emptying out onto Park Street.

Queen of Hearts visits some large boulders before joining up with White Rabbit.

Lower Caterpillar finishes at the White Rabbit parking lot, and is the lower half of a fun trail that can be accessed from Toothpick (see Toothpick).

Alice In Wonderland takes off from the White Rabbit parking lot, headed down to the bottom of Ashland Loop road.

Try parking at White Rabbit, riding up Ashland Loop to Toothpick, going down Caterpillar and Alice In Wonderland, and then climbing back up to the parking lot!

Difficulty: All trails leaving from the White Rabbit parking lot are intermediate-to-advanced.

Directions: From downtown Ashland, head up through Lithia Park on Pioneer Street on bike or by car, continuing up past the reservoir and following the road to the left until arriving at Ashland Loop Road. Turn right up Ashland Loop and follow it past Terrace Street, making a right where it meets Morton St. The White Rabbit parking lot is about a mile and a half from the Morton intersection.

Outdoor Recreation Safety Note: Please be sure to read our safety note on our Outdoor Recreation home page.

White Rabbit Trail

White Rabbit Trail