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Castle Lake

Castle Lake

Those that take the hour and a half car ride to Castle Lake are compensated with resplendent natural scenery, both during the journey and at the destination. During the drive, you’ll have fantastic views of the Siskiyou Mountains and Mt. Ashland, Pilot Rock, the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Shasta, and the Klamath River.

Nearly half of the lake is bound by cliffs and is a wondrous location to take a swim. There is a raft in the middle of the lake, which makes for a perfect place to rest in the summer sun.

We also suggest taking a hike uphill on the ridge on the east side of Castle Lake to a second excellent, albeit much smaller, location for a dip (when the water table is sufficiently high). Heart Lake is a smaller than Castle Lake, but is generally deep enough for a quick dip. From Heart Lake, the views of Castle Lake, Mt. Shasta and beyond are simply breathtaking (see below).

From Ashland, head to I-5 and go south towards California. You will travel south on I-5 into California, then take exit 738 toward Central Mt. Shasta. Turn right onto Lake St. and then continue onto Hatchery Ln. Turn left onto S Old Stage Rd. Very quickly you’ll come to a fork where you’ll veer right onto W A Barr Rd. Continue on W A Barr Rd. for about 2.3 miles, where you’ll take a left onto Ney Springs Rd, then almost immediately a right onto Castle Lake Rd.  Follow Castle Lake Rd. for 7.1 miles to the lake.

Castle Lake and Mt. Shasta

Castle Lake sits below Black Butte and Mt. Shasta

Swimming at Castle Lake

Castle Lake

Castle Lake by Mt. Shasta

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