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Rogue River Kayaking

Comment(s) July 10, 2013
Upper Rogue River Rapids

Rogue River Kayaking One of the wonderful natural gems of Southern Oregon, the mighty Rogue River spans a brilliant 43 miles complete with nearly 100 rapids that will suite the […]Read More

Applegate Lake Kayaking

Comment(s) June 19, 2013
View of Applegate Lake

Applegate Lake Kayaking Applegate Lake is located in the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest about a one hour drive from Ashland and is beautiful spot to paddle and explore. […]Read More

Emigrant Lake Kayaking

Comment(s) June 19, 2013
Emigrant Lake Paddling in Ashland

Emigrant Lake Kayaking Just a quick fifteen minutes from downtown Ashland, the lake is convenient and delightful spot for a ride on a kayak with views of the surrounding mountains and […]Read More

Hyatt Lake Kayaking

Comment(s) June 19, 2013
Hyatt Lake in Southern Oregon Cascades

Hyatt Lake Kayaking Situated in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Hyatt Lake provides an excellent option for a kayak ride as there is a 10 miles an hour speed limit on […]Read More

Howard Prairie Lake Kayaking

Comment(s) June 19, 2013
View of Howard Prairie Lake

Howard Prairie Lake Kayaking Amongst the fir and pine forests of the Cascade Mountains lays Howard Prairie Lake. It is located only about 2 miles from Hyatt Lake and therefore […]Read More