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Mt. Ashland Camping

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Mt. Ashland Camping

Mt. Ashland, as its name indicates, is just a short, convenient drive from Ashland. It is also home to our local ski mountain – Mt. Ashland Ski Area. Other winter sports in the area include snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

For camping purposes, there are more appropriate seasonal outdoor activities in which to participate. There are a few hikes one can take – the PCT runs for countless miles in two directions, the Grouse Gap trail to the Grouse Gap shelter, or the hike up the road to the very top of Mt. Ashland at an elevation of 7533 feet.

Mountain biking is another popular activity from Mt. Ashland. One can ride on the road up and down from town, on Ashland Loop Rd. up from Lithia Park, or bring your bikes with you to ride some of the roads that spider off from camp.

As for the Mt. Ashland camping itself, there are 9 camp sites, and on clear days, the views are spectacular. Mt. Shasta rises majestically to the southeast, and the Siskiyous, Marble Mountains and Trinity Alps rise to the south and southwest. There are grills for campfires, though during risky wildfire season, there may be no fires allowed. There is no fee to use the campsites, there are basic bathrooms, and no water. The campgrounds are open from June to October.

Directions: From Ashland downtown, drive southeast through town on Siskiyou Blvd until it merges onto the I-5 on-ramp. After 6 miles, take Exit 6 to Mt. Ashland. In .7 miles, turn right onto Mt. Ashland Ski Road. This winds uphill for 8.9 miles to the Mt. Ashland parking lot. Sno-Park permits are necessary from November 1st through April 30th, and can be purchased in the parking lot.

Outdoor Recreation Safety Note: Please be sure to read our safety note on our Outdoor Recreation home page.

PCT view of Mt. Ashland

View of Mt. Ashland from the Pacific Crest Trail