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After visiting Ashland, you might not want to leave! We understand, it is a gorgeous, quaint town full of natural beauty and incredible culture for a town of just over 20,000 residents. Living here has many advantages, which we lay out below with 10 reasons on why you should consider moving to this wonderful town. Below that, you’ll find more information and resources to help you with your decision!

Ashland Oregon viewed from Wagner Butte

Ashland Oregon as seen from Wagner Butte

Why Move to Ashland OR:

1. The weather – If you enjoy four seasons, with relatively mild winters, accessibility to snow in the mountains but only a few days of snow in town a year, hot, reliably sunny summer days, and a long spring and fall, you will love living Ashland.

2. The schools – If you are moving here with children, it is comforting to know that the schools are considered high quality. Ashland High School was named to the top 3% of U.S. high schools by US News and World Reports in 2007 and 2009, and greatschools.org gave the school system a great 9/10 ranking.

3. The outdoor recreation – It’s simply outstanding. The nature is incredible. Drive west and discover the Oregon Coast and Redwoods. Drive north and check out the Umpqua National Forest and Crater Lake. Drive east into the Cascades to discover lakes and hiking. Drive south to Mt. Ashland or Mt. Shasta. These are all just the very tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to discover!

4. The traffic – There is none! Seriously, if and when you find any traffic, you’ll be shocked.

5. The culture – 20,000 people. That’s it. But when you come here, it’ll feel like so much more as the economy is supported by visitors. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and many other great theatre companies, widespread cuisines and restaurants, numerous art galleries, the ashland independent film festival, food festivals, farmers markets, artisans markets and great locally owned retail stores, museums…and more!

6. No sales tax – Can you dig it!!??

7. Great coffee, tasty restaurants – Like we mentioned above in the culture section, we are so lucky to live in a small town and have so many great options when it comes to restaurants and coffee and the like!

8. Continuing Education – Southern Oregon University is a great place to get your undergraduate degree, or to continue your education…all easily accessible, just a 15 minute walk from downtown!

9. Lithia Park and the Ashland Park System – Designed by the designer of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, Lithia Park is an absolutely essential and incredible part of life in Ashland. Take a walk, bring your children to the playground, play frisbee on the front lawn, go swimming, discover the wide variety of plants, flowers and trees, visit the two duck ponds, have a picnic, listen to live music, hike on its numerous trails, and enjoy the scenery of Ashland Creek and the surrounding Siskiyou Mountains, play tennis, go ice skating – among other things, of course. Additionally, Ashland has roughly 20 parks to choose from, including a dog park, a skate park and the fantastic North Mountain Park.

10. Mt. Ashland and the Mt. Ashland Ski Area – Just 30 minutes from town, you can ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, snowshoe, hike, mountain bike and camp! Just one example of the many outdoor activity hotspots in the area!

Ashland and Siskiyou Mountains

Ashland Sitting at the Base of the Siskiyou Mountains

Additional Resources for moving to Ashland:

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Finally, here are some Ashland Oregon photos to whet you appetite!

PCT view of Mt. Ashland

View of Mt. Ashland from the Pacific Crest Trail

Springtime in Ashland Oregon | Flowers in Lithia Park Japanese Garden

Springtime in Ashland Oregon

Ashland Oregon restaurants

Ashland Oregon restaurants

Ashland Farm and Hills

Ashland farm and hills

Lithia Artisans Market

Lithia Artisans Market

SOU's Schneider Museum of Art

SOU’s Schneider Museum of Art

Ashland OR Parks Lithia duck ponds image

Lithia Park duck pond

Ashland OR Outdoor Recreation White Rabbit Trail image

Hiking the White Rabbit Trail

Things to do in Ashland Oregon Ashland Winery image

An Ashland Winery

Fun things to do in Ashland Oregon image

Sailing at Hyatt Lake

Water park at Garfield Park

Zero-depth Water Feature at Garfield Park

The infamous Lithia Water fountains in the Ashland plaza

The infamous Lithia Water fountains in the Ashland plaza

Ashland Springs Hotel in Ashland

Ashland Springs Hotel looms over downtown Ashland

Mt. Ashland during Winter

Mt. Ashland Ski Area

OSF The Heart of Robin Hood

Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Robin Hood

Would you like to see more Ashland photos? Here is an even more extensive grouping of Ashland OR photos!



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