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Horse Camp at Hyatt Lake

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Horse Camp at Hyatt Lake

If you’re thinking about a summer horseback riding adventure in Southern Oregon, put Horse Camp – near to Wildcat Campground – at Hyatt Lake on the list. Come up for a day ride on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) or take advantage of the horse camp with five sites and corrals to stay overnight.

When you’re ready to ride, it’s less than a mile to connect with the Pacific Crest Trail. Conditions and maintenance levels vary from year to year, but there’s a maze of dirt roads to explore southeast of Wildcat Campground. Unfortunately, gates will block some roads, while others are opened for the season.

Most of the surrounding area rises and falls gradually but generally remains at around 5,000 feet in elevation. Straightforward long rides involve some “road work” even if you start on the PCT and head northeast to circle Hyatt Lake or Howard Prairie Lake.

Alternatively, head south on the PCT, parallel to the way you drove in (East Hyatt Lake Road), to reach Little Hyatt Reservoir and Hyatt Meadows. Continuing southwest and south takes you back to Highway 66 near Green Springs Mountain Summit, and you can return to the PCT via the unpaved Little Hyatt Prairie Road.

Remember that roads and trails require time and money to maintain. You may not be able to repeat rides from year to year.  With that caution in mind, there are numerous dirt roads to the east to reach Wildcat Glades and Crane Prairie. If you are feeling adventurous, you can find various creeks and springs on the way to Little Chinquapin Mountain.

Another network of dirt roads across from the PCT loops around Chinquapin Mountain until you junction with East Hyatt Lake Road. You can choose one of several dirt roads to get back to the PCT.

Directions: From downtown Ashland, head southeast on Siskiyou Blvd. Take a left onto Ashland Street and follow it past the freeway entrances and curve to the right (Ashland Street becomes OR-66/Greensprings Hwy).  Take OR- 66 east past Emigrant Lake and continue up to the Green Springs area (approximately 17 miles from the I-5 junction).  When you see the Green Springs Inn, turn left on East Hyatt Lake Road and continue for approximately 3 miles until you see the entrance of Hyatt Lake. Stay to the right and turn left about 100 yards from the intersection to reach the entrance booth. Horse Camp and Wildcat Campground are approximately two miles beyond the entrance.

Note: Some helpful maps of the area can be found here.

Outdoor Recreation Safety Note: Please be sure to read our safety note on our Outdoor Recreation home page.

Hyatt Lake

Hyatt Lake