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Hitt Road Mountain Biking

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Hitt Road Mountain Biking

Tucked away above Lithia Park, this trail is easy to ride to and has a fun, accessible downhill as the reward. The 5-mile climb to the trail head along Ashland Loop Road (2060) is mostly a gradual climb on dirt and gravel, with a few steep pitches. The descent down Hitt Road begins as an old road before turning into double track and then single-track, and is pretty smooth with only a few rocky or technical sections.

Difficulty: Moderate

Directions: From downtown Ashland, head up either S. Pioneer St. through Lithia Park or Granite St., which is directly above the park. Parking is best had in Lithia Park or downtown, though there are a few spaces up by the start of Ashland Loop Road. Continue up Granite (S. Pioneer eventually joins Granite) to the reservoir, and continue on past without turning left. Following this road will lead you around a wide right-hand turn, followed by a left. At this point a green gate crosses the road and motor vehicles are not allowed. Do not confuse this gate with the lower one that says “No-Trespassing,” that road leads to the drinking water source for Ashland and is off limits to the public. The climb begins at the gate and continues on for five miles.

Outdoor Recreation Safety Note: Please be sure to read our safety note on our Outdoor Recreation home page.

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