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Four Corners Mountain Biking

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Four Corners Mountain Biking

Up in the hills behind Ashland, where four roads converge, offers a convenient jumping-off point for downhill riding (DH), or a waypoint for a longer cross-country ride (XC). For DH, Four Corners serves as the trailhead for Marty’s and Catwalk, two steep and technical trails for intermediate-to-advanced riders. For XC, Four Corners is a waypoint for the longer ride of Ashland Loop Road, or for climbing up to the Mt. Ashland Ski Area.

Difficulty Levels: Marty’s Trail: Challenging – Steep and technical with rocky sections and sharp turns.

Catwalk: Intermediate to Advanced – Less steep than Marty’s, but with plenty of washboards.

Ashland Loop Routes: Easy to Moderate

Directions: As suggested by the name, there are four different ways to access Four Corners, but the main two routes are up Tolman Creek Road or Ashland Loop Road (also known as 2060).

Tolman Creed Road: From downtown Ashland, head southeast along Siskiyou Boulevard, turning right onto Tolman Creek Road as Siskiyou heads out of town. Continue along Tolman Creek for approximately 8.5 miles, upon which you’ll find Four Corners.

Ashland Loop Road: From downtown Ashland, head south up Granite street, through Lithia Park. At the top of the park you’ll pass a reservoir: follow the road left going around the reservoir. Although not marked, Granite becomes Glenview Dr. Continue along Glenview to Ashland Loop Road and turn right (a sharp U-turn) up a steep climb. Follow Ashland Loop Road up, passing Terrace St where the road becomes paved again. At the intersection with Morton St, turn right to continue along Ashland Loop. Four Corners is 4 miles from the intersection with Morton, all along a gravel road.

Outdoor Recreation Safety Note: Please be sure to read our safety note on our Outdoor Recreation home page.