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Emigrant Lake Birding

Comment(s) June 18, 2013
Birding at Emigrant Lake

Emigrant Lake Birding Emigrant Lake and surrounding areas consist of diverse bird habitats—this is why your “spotted list” has the potential to be so long! Take advantage of the day […]Read More

Ashland Watershed Trails Birding

Comment(s) June 18, 2013
Birds perched off White Rabbit Trail

Ashland Watershed Trails Birding Ashland is known for an excellent trail circuit. And we have much of them described in our Hiking in Ashland section. Take advantage of the exercise, […]Read More

Roca Canyon Birding

Comment(s) June 18, 2013
Southern Oregon University in Fall

Roca Canyon Birding A small treasure with much to see! Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Western Scrub Jay, Song Sparrow, Spotted Towhee, American Robin, Stellar’s Jay, Turkey Vulture, Red-tailed Hawk, American Goldfinch, Pine […]Read More

Ashland Ponds Birding

Comment(s) June 18, 2013
Ashland Ponds park in Ashland, Oregon

Ashland Ponds Birding Tucked away along the Bear Creek Riparian corridor, this is a beautiful and easily accessible spot for birders. Same species at North Mountain Park, plus Cassin’s/Hutton’s Vireo, […]Read More

North Mountain Park Birding

Comment(s) June 18, 2013
Ashland's North Mountain Park and Nature Center

North Mountain Park Birding A quaint location full of must-see’s. North Mountain Park is a wonderful location on Bear Creek, has walking paths, gardens, and a Nature Center – which […]Read More

Lithia Park Birding

Comment(s) June 18, 2013
Duck Pond in Lithia Park

Lithia Park Birding Take a stroll through beautiful and central Lithia Park, enjoy the trees, the sound of the rushing creek, and of course and don’t miss a chance to see […]Read More