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As Ashland finds itself at the base of two mountain ranges, you can take a walk most anywhere in town and still see gorgeous vistas and encounter incredible plant and animal life. We encourage you to wander aimlessly as we believe you’ll find much to enjoy wherever your path leads, though we also provide a few fun walking options below for you to try for when you have the time and inclination.


Hearts Trail

Comment(s) January 14, 2014

Hearts Trail – Breathtaking Panoramas Above Downtown Ashland With its exhilarating uphill climb above the city center and Lithia Park, Hearts Trail offers spectacular views and occasional wildlife encounters, too. […]Read More

Lithia Park Walking

Comment(s) June 19, 2013
Redwoods and Giant Sequoia'si n Lithia Park

Lithia Park Walking Lithia Park is a magnificent spot for a walk as there is so much to see. It also offers a wide variety of options for your walk, […]Read More

Hald/Strawberry Park Walking

Comment(s) June 19, 2013
Sunset at Hald/Strawberry Park

Hald/Strawberry Park Walking Hald/Strawberry Park is perfect option for those looking for a location near to town that offers either a flat walking surface or for those looking for a […]Read More

Ashland Ponds Walking

Comment(s) June 19, 2013
Ashland Ponds park in Ashland, Oregon

Ashland Ponds Walking This tranquil location offers an easy and accessible route to most everyone. The trail loop itself is essentially flat and only takes roughly 20 to 30 minutes round […]Read More

An Ashland Exploration Walk

Comment(s) June 19, 2013
Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Elizabethan Theater

An Ashland Exploration Walk For those who would like to take a stroll to see some of what this great town has to offer, we offer you this route as […]Read More