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Ashland News September 4th, 2013

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Ashland News September 4th, 2013

Ashland was recently named one of 5 U.S. small towns that “are not only surviving but thriving” in today’s challenging economy. LINK

Thousands recently descended upon the desert in Nevada to partake in this year’s Burning Man festival. Here are some photos of this year’s event. LINK

The summer of 2013 currently goes down as the 2nd hottest summer on record for Medford, just after the summer of 1967. LINK

The Ashland Ice Rink will be getting a new cover this winter, which is greatly improve the ice condition for skaters. LINK

Mt. Ashland Ski Area has begun construction on the parking lot area to add over 100 parking spots as the parking lot would overflow during high traffic days. The city council is still considering the ski areas proposal to add dirt to some ski trails to create more gradual descents. Concerns over erosion into the area’s watershed have delayed permission to this point. LINK

We’ve all heard of guard dogs, but a guard cat recently foiled a burglary attempt near Portland. Way to go Addy! LINK