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Ashland OR News, November 6th, 2013

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Ashland OR News, November 6th, 2013

Welcome to our weekly Wednesday blog feature – the Ashland OR news round-up! Simply read the Twitter-like tidbits for a quick review of what’s happening in town, or click on the links for access to the full articles. Without further ado…

We lead today with the unfortunate news that SOU is going into a “retrenchment” phase that will result in further layoffs and restructuring at the Ashland-based university. SOU needs to cut $4 million quickly due to a decline in state funding and decreased enrollment. LINK*

Thousands of sugar beets torn from the soil by an unknown saboteur. Rumors of corporate conspiracy and debates that question the very role of government. Is this the new science fiction drama coming to downtown Ashland? Nope, it’s real. LINK

Insight to Ashland blogger Peter Kleinhenz shares some of the wonders of “silks” and Ashland’s very own circus training facility, Le Cirque Centre. LINK

The Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport has reduced its security expenses significantly by replacing a contract with Medford police with a private security company. No word on whether or not this will reduce the cost of flights in and out of the regional airport. LINK*

Standing Stone Brewing Co. will host 4 nights over the next few months where $2 for each pint sold in their brewpub will donated to a local charity. View our calendar for the dates here or follow the link to the Standing Stone newsletter. LINK

The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network posted an article about why to start a company here in Oregon. While its focus is largely on Portland, we believe much of it can be applied to Ashland as well. LINK

This article by Oregon Coast Today also isn’t directly Ashland related, but it tells the story of a “Ghost Forest” on the Oregon Coast and how it might tell us something about climate change. An appropriate story around Halloween, though it’s lesson is perhaps much scarier than ghosts and goblins. LINK

The Mail Tribune reports, “A legislative legal committee has determined Medford’s attempt to ban medical marijuana dispensaries violates the spirit of two recent laws.” LINK*

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