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Ashland OR News, March 20th, 2014

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Ashland OR News, March 20th, 2014

By Andy Harris

Welcome to our weekly blog feature – the Ashland OR news round-up! Simply read the short tidbits of information for a quick review of what’s happening in town, or click on the links for access to the full articles. 

Mt. Ashland announced last Friday that it was officially closing for the 2013-2014 season, with not one day of skiing or snowboarding in the books. A sad end to a sad winter sports season. They also announce here the two options for those who purchased season passes. LINK

The precipitation and water woes continue for Southern Oregon as the Jackson County Commissioners have declared a drought disaster for the county and have asked the Oregon governor to do the same. Snow pack in the Rogue Valley basis is at only 31%. LINK*

In lighter news, our trusty writer Jason Franklin provides us all with a weekly update on Ashland events, happenings, and fun things to do in town on Mondays. This week’s article features poetry, music, theatre, an open mic and Paula Cole performing at SOU. LINK

With that said, our weekly events feature doesn’t cover everything that our calendar page does, so be sure to keep an eye on our Ashland event calendar on occasion as well! LINK

The Ashland City Council has asked their legal department to draft an ordinance to ban concealing a loaded gun in public that will then go to vote in the future. LINK*

Ashland writer and editor Leslie Caplan shares with us her feelings on creation and expression, and how they’ve helped her blossom in this crazy world. LINK

Jackson County officials have placed a 120 day moratorium on marijuana dispensaries within county limits – but not pertaining to within town limits, as each town is making its own choices on the issue. LINK*

Have you ever been up to the south end of Lake of the Woods for a hike, or perhaps to fish or camp? We provide information on an excursion to an area with beautiful views of Mt. McLoughlin: LINK

It’s springtime. Yippee!!! If you are a gardener or wanna-be garderner, here’s some helpful information from Brian Self of Oregon Ground Works on the Context of a Healthy Garden. LINK

We’d like to extend our congratulations to the Rogue Valley Messenger for launching their print edition on March 12th, now a biweekly (twice/month) newspaper for the Rogue Valley. Exciting stuff! LINK

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