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Ashland OR News – August 26th, 2014

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Ashland OR News – August 26th, 2014

By Andy Harris

Welcome to our weekly blog feature – the Ashland Oregon news round-up! Simply read the short tidbits of information for a quick review of what’s happening in town, or click on the links for access to the full articles.

*The City of Ashland posted a water update last week, including information that the Talent-Ashland-Phoenix water pipeline has been finished – which will help ensure that there will be enough drinking water for city residents before the Fall rains arrive.

*The Ashland City Council has a couple of positions up in the air and up for vote this November.*

*The Ashland Police Department has created a cutting edge sexual assault reporting program known as “You Have Options”, and is a finalist for an international award for its innovative program.*

*The Ashland Police Department is hot on the trail of bike thieves, and those who steal bike(s) whose value exceed $1500 could be charged as felons for first-degree theft.*

*If you haven’t yet seen the Camelot Theatre version of Pump Boys and Dinettes and would like to read a review before committing, have no fear – the Daily Tidings provides one for you!*

*If you’d like to catch up on all of our listed events for this week, you can do so by visiting our calendar page.

*Ashland’s moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries is over and the new ordinances and rules that were created during that moment of pause are set to go into affect on September 4th. Questions of taxing marijuana as a medicine have come up, with no simple answers.*

*”Movie star Bill Pullman, who played the president in the sci-fi thriller “Independence Day,” on Monday presented a script for passage of a statewide ballot measure mandating labeling of all foods containing genetically modified organisms.” As a side note, the actor is up at Lake of the Woods shooting the comedy film “Brothers in Law” as well.*

*Rogue Valley residents are committed to joining the nationwide march against climate change in September.*

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