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An Ashland Exploration Walk

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An Ashland Exploration Walk

For those who would like to take a stroll to see some of what this great town has to offer, we offer you this route as an option.

Start off your journey from the center of town at the plaza. Here at the plaza, be sure to try a taste of the healing Lithia waters at the fountain. While the taste – for most – is less than pleasant, it is definitely an Ashland tradition!

Walk southeast down Main Street just one block to Pioneer St. and take a right. As you walk up Pioneer St. you will see the Oregon Shakespeare Festival theaters and box office. The outdoor Elizabethan Theater is the second theater on your right and looms over Lithia Park.

Elizabethan Theater

Elizabethan Theater

Take a left here at the fork on Hargadine St. As you follow Hargadine St., you’ll see nice views of the Cascades and will get a lofted vantage point of downtown.

After two blocks, take a soft right on Beach Ave. rather than continuing on Hargadine. Then take a right on Gresham St. for three blocks and take a left onto Iowa St. This part of the walk will provide a glimpse into the neighborhoods above Siskiyou Blvd.

Following Iowa St. will lead you to the small and quaint Triangle Park. This is a good spot for a rest and a snack in the gazebo in the center of the park.

Triangle Park

Triangle Park

After visiting and passing through Triangle Park, take a right on the main road Siskiyou Blvd. and take an immediate right onto Beach St. Continue up Beach to your first left, Henry St. Henry St. will lead to Southern Oregon University, where you can explore the campus.

As you continue southeast through campus, you will come upon the Schneider Museum of Art just before Wightman St. Consider pausing your journey here to visit Southern Oregon University’s art museum.

SOU's Schneider Museum of Art

SOU’s Schneider Museum of Art

The next steps you take will lead you down another main road, east down Ashland Street. After 5 blocks, take a left on Normal Ave., which will lead you past Mountain View Cemetery and to the Ashland Bike Path and Hunter Park.

At the bike path, turn left and follow it along the railroad tracks. The path will provide some excellent views of the mountains in all directions. Soak it in and enjoy!

Continue the journey along the bike path, past Garfield Park and eventually to Railroad Park. You’ll know you have arrived as you’ll find a long and narrow park with a basketball court. At the far end of Railroad Park, cross the park to A Street and take a right on A Street (at 6th St.). Here you are entering the Ashland’s famous Railroad District and close to where the Golden Spike was driven on December 17th, 1887 which completed the railroad circle around the United States. You’ll find a marker on the southeast corner of A St. and 5th St. commemorating this amazing accomplishment.

Ashland's Railroad

Ashland’s Railroad

Meander down A St., possibly visiting an art gallery or two, and then take a left down 4th St. 4th St. between A and B streets offers some shopping and a cafe and is an adorable street in the Railroad District.

As you continue down 4th St., you’ll arrive at Main St, where you’ll take a right for the final leg of your journey through Ashland. As you walk down Main St., you’ll have an opportunity to visit downtown and visit some of the businesses in the area that pique your interest.

After about 5 blocks you will arrive again at the town’s main plaza, and hopefully will have enjoyed your walk and will have a better sense of Ashland and what it offers its lucky locals each day of the year!

Outdoor Recreation Safety Note: Please be sure to read our safety note on our Outdoor Recreation home page.