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About Insight to Ashland

About Insight to Ashland

Insight to Ashland was founded in 2012 by a couple of recent transplants to the area, who found a need for easily attainable information about the wonders of Ashland OR, the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon. To provide top-notch information, we turned to many great local writers to provide first-hand knowledge of Ashland, southern Oregon and the entire region surrounding Ashland.

The website we have created was established to enhance visitor’s and local’s experience of this wonderful town, while at the same time providing an outlet for local businesses to reach potential customers. For those looking to expand their business reach and visibility, you can find our advertising packages here and why you might want to advertise with us here. Our hope is that Insight to Ashland will contribute to the local economy by providing excellent and easily attainable information about Ashland and its local businesses community.

We believe that one of the core responsibilities of business is to do what it can to support the health of our local communities and the increasingly fragile environment. Our goal as a business is to equally care for the “triple bottom line” – the people of the community, the planet that sustains us, and our profits. We therefore pledge to donate a minimum of 5% of our net revenue to non-for-profit organizations that care for our world on a daily basis. You may see occasional giving campaigns where people who visit our site will be able to determine which organizations we should support, so please be on the look-out for those opportunities.

Our Staff –

Andy Harris is the Founder and Managing Director of Insight to Ashland. He also does much of the photography, writing, editing, and marketing for the company. Andy moved to Ashland in 2012 after traveling and living in wide variety of areas in the United States, South America and in Spain. He loves travel, writing, hiking, yoga and working in small business. He loves Ashland and is passionate about helping people learn all about it! He can be contacted at 541-708-0842 and at info@insighttoashland.com.

Andy Harris - Insight to Ashland

Hety Skyler is Insight to Ashland’s Sales Director and comes to work with us after decades of working as an executive recruiter. She is extremely helpful and here to answer any questions you might have about advertising with us. She can be reached at 541-708-1380.

Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our endeavor! We hope you visit often and keep coming back for new and updated content about this magical land of Ashland and Southern Oregon!

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About Insight to Ashland

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