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6 mile run along Ashland’s city bike path

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6 mile run along Ashland’s city bike path

For a longer run along Ashland’s great bike path with a 300-foot gain in elevation, catch the southeast leg of the bike path by Railroad Park at the corner of A Street and 6th Street. Head southeast past 7th and 8th streets through Railroad Park and stay on the path as it gradually climbs 85 feet over 1.3 miles past Garfield Park, tennis courts, and baseball diamonds to the Mountain View Cemetery.

Here, the path continues through the cemetery for a quarter mile to Shamrock Lane where you’ll see storage units on your left and little Club 66 on your right. Continue straight on Shamrock Lane for one block to the tiny filling station where you’ll see the bike path continue under the overpass for Ashland Street.

After the overpass, the path proceeds along the railroad tracks behind Shop ‘N’ Kart and Bi-Mart stores. When the path meets up with Tolman Creek Road at the 2-mile mark, continue straight ahead onto Mistletoe Road. Stay on this deserted-looking Mistletoe Road for a mile as it winds around and eventually meets up with Siskiyou Boulevard before turning back.

The Mistletoe stretch will be the greatest elevation gain, adding 150 feet over that mile. Then return back downhill along the same route for a 6-mile round-trip run.

Ashland Oregon Bike Path

Ashland Bike Path at Railroad Park